Zach Trek Random #2: A Piece Of The Action (.net)

This random highlights a site that I (thankfully) didn’t know existed when I started original Zach Trek.

The header image from, featuring pieces from James Sawyer’s top-notch Star Trek collection.

A Piece of the Action is a Star Trek collectibles blog by a man named James Sawyer. When I started the original Zach Trek in 2010, I was not aware of this site, and that’s probably a good thing, because in many ways it is far better than original Zach Trek ever was or Zach Trek II may ever be. He was even writing guest blog pieces about collectibles for!

Sawyer’s collection is far more extensive than mine, and while many of his items start out mint-in-package, he is often not afraid to rip them open — or for some items to collect mint items and out-of-the-package duplicates — to get close up detailed pictures of the items and any accessories. I’m usually not that bold. He also has many of the earliest Star Trek collectibles to be made, often in as good a condition as you can find them.

Like me, Sawyer includes some posts beyond strictly collectibles. Curiously, around the time I dropped off maintaining original Zach Trek, he kind of dropped off maintaining A Piece of the Action. He does also maintain a host of other collectibles sites (check them out here), some of which he is still currently active on, so maybe he just got burned out on Trek. And maybe, like me, he will someday feel inspired to pick up his datapad and stylus and post again.

  • Check out
  • You can also follow his Facebook page
  • Mr. Sawyer also has a YouTube channel associated with his blog, where he has posted a number of interesting video clips of Star Trek documentary material (there used to be some collectible-related videos as well, but those seem to have been removed)
  • The last of his seven guest blog posts on features a McDonald’s Star Trek Happy Meal package. The post seems to be kind of a bonus to his blog, as he links to it but doesn’t seem to feature this item itself on his own blog

Next week on Zach Trek: On Tuesday, we’ll welcome a character who is from the Enterprise, yet not from the Enterprise, with a collectible that is complete, yet incomplete. On Thursday, we’ll have another collectible — a very material collectible from another character.

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