Zach Trek II – Random #1: Zach Trek!

An image of the original Zach Trek blog.

This inaugural post on Zach Trek II is not a collectible, but a “random” (that’s what I call non-collectible posts). This is about Zach Trek, the original blog (TOB?).

I started Zach Trek in 2010 to showcase my original series Star Trek collectibles. I maintained it somewhat regularly for a little over a year, and very irregularly after that. I always had intentions to resume it, but as time passed the site fell into a state of some disrepair, so I decided a “refit” was in order, hence Zach Trek II.

Looking back on original Zach Trek, I am struck by several things. First, my graphics weren’t great. Even the header image background is a little grainy (I think this was due my primitive image editing skills at the time), and my photography was a bit dingy. Second, so many of the links are broken and many featured YouTube videos have been taken down. Third, I obviously never filled out the blog as planned. I never got collectibles on representing Sulu or Chekov, or many other categories I planned to include.

This was one of the very first images on Zach Trek. A better photography setup with much better lighting should lead to cleaner looking pictures for Zach Trek II.

A last thought about original Zach Trek is that my original intent was to turn it into a sort of comprehensive catalog of original series Star Trek collectibles. I knew I had neither the space nor the money to assemble such a collection permanently, so my plan was to not keep all of the items featured on it, but to sometimes buy an item, photograph and feature it, and then sell it. That way, I’d have money to buy other items. As such, I no longer have some of the items from original Zach Trek, and may have to rely on some of my mediocre photographs if I want to re-feature those items here.

As for that “comprehensive catalog” philosophy, I’ve decided that’s not the way to go. Even if I featured two or three items every week, it would take many, many years before I could cover a majority of the collectibles that are out there, and new collectibles are constantly being produced. Also, I find that I already regret parting with a few of the items that I sold in the TOB era. So for this blog, I will be featuring items that are ones I like, think will be of interest, or just happen to have.

At the time I was working on it, I was satisfied with most of how Zach Trek TOB turned out. Now as I revisit it, seeing some of the issues mentioned above, it’s very tempting to tinker with it or take it down, but I’ve decided to do neither, to simply leave it alone, broken links and all, as an online relic – almost like an online collectible. The only thing I’m adding is a post and some links to direct any errant visitors to this new site.

So, if you dare, you can travel through this portal and visit Zach Trek (TOB). Adrift on the internet, full of broken links, removed videos and outdated formatting, there it remains, like a decommissioned ship-turned-museum, and there it shall remain.

Next Week on Zach Trek: On Tuesday, we’ll take a look at the first collectible on Zach Trek II! It will introduce a character, but maybe not one you’d expect to be first. On Thursday, look out for another Random, highlighting another Star Trek site (this one not run by me).