Zach Trek II Featured Video #1: Star Trek VI Trailer

Today’s video will make you want to watch Star Trek:

Here are some observations, plus a fun fact, about this trailer:

  • I want to take a moment to praise whoever wrote the narration. It’s really stirring and perfect.
  • I’m intrigued by the effects. Placing scenes onto a moving ship may be easy for any amateur YouTuber today, but I wonder how they did that in 1991.
  • I think it’s noteworthy that this trailer contains not one second of footage from the movie it’s promoting — and equally noteworthy that it doesn’t matter. This trailer alone would absolutely be enough to get me to the theater.
  • Note that they put scenes of Khan from Space Seed and Star Trek II side by side.
  • Even though the special effects, sets, and costume designs made huge leaps between the TV shows and the movies, watching scenes from them intermixed does not feel incongruous. You’d think placing scenes from a 60s TV show next to a much higher budget production from decades later would make it look ridiculous, but somehow it doesn’t.
  • The music is some of James Horner’s iconic Star Trek music (even though he didn’t do the music for Star Trek VI).
  • At the very end, the last scene on the bottom of the Enterprise’s saucer is one of Kirk and Spock from the pilot episode. Since Star Trek VI was (sort of) the final original Star Trek movie, I thought it was a nice touch to put the very first episode there.
  • Lastly, for the fun fact: It seems this trailer was narrated by none other than Christopher Plummer, in a much less ominous voice than General Chang.

Next Week on Zach Trek: On Tuesday we’ll welcome another officer from the Enterprise, one know to wield a sword. Only one post next week, as I catch up on adding category pages. Keep an eye on the Facebook page, where I’ll post these pages as I add them. Some category pages, such as those devoted to main characters, will start with my thoughts on the character, and maybe some other special…stuff, too.

3 thoughts on “Zach Trek II Featured Video #1: Star Trek VI Trailer

  1. I’d never seen this trailer. It’s certainly one of the better film trailers I’ve seen. The narrator sounded familiar but I wouldn’t have guessed it was Christopher Plummer until you pointed it out.

    • I didn’t realize it myself at first. There is no IMDB or other credit I’ve been able to find, but it does sound like him, it makes sense since he was in the movie, and it otherwise seems to be the general consensus that it’s him.

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