Could An Immature, Reckless Kirk Command the Enterprise?

Galactic News Service

In a new paper that has roiled the scientific community, researchers and theorists at the Daystrom Institute have published new ideas on alternate realities.

“In an alternate reality, almost anything could be possible,” says Dr. Soanso, a lead author of the paper. “Take a person like Captain Kirk, for example. Imagine one event in his past changing, and causing an alternate reality in which, instead of being the respected figure we know him as, he ends up an immature, irresponsible, smart-aleck!”

But the bizarre possibilities don’t stop there. “It’s possible that alternate realities are still linked, and that certain events are bound to occur in any of them. For example, even if an alternate reality produced such a Kirk, with few qualifications, limited training, and demonstrated poor judgment, he could still be placed in command of the Enterprise.”

Many have expressed deep skepticism toward these theories, especially some at the Vulcan Science Academy.

“Many parts of this theory defies logic,” says Vulcan scientist C’Gol. “Even if a person’s character in an alternate reality were so fundamentally altered, to suppose that they would nevertheless be placed in a position for which they are now wholly unqualified is unsupported by anything we currently know.”

Could you imagine Starfleet handing command of the Federation’s flagship over to a barely graduated cadet with no prior command experience? Some think it’s possible.

Dr. Soanso shrugs off such skeptics. “Since we know so little about alternate realities, we can’t be sure how they work.” He adds, “But even if an unqualified Kirk did end up in command of the Enterprise, what’s the worst that would happen? It’s hard to imagine he’d end up losing the ship and most of his crew within his first few years of command.”