U.S.S. Enterprise

Zach Trek original art!

Thoughts on the Enterprise:

The original U.S.S. Enterprise is probably my favorite fictional space ship. It’s balanced, with a V shape almost reminiscent of a sea ship, and looks like it should glide smoothly through space. The “refit” it received for the movies wisely left all the proportions alone, merely updating the general appearance. In my opinion, the refit Enterprise could be in a movie or show today without looking dated. Attempts to significantly alter the design of the Enterprise have generally resulted in ships that, in my opinion, look like caricatures of the original.

Aside from its excellent design, the Enterprise was practically a character. Between Kirk’s devotion, Scotty’s affection, and the countless adventures and battles it brought its crews through, when the Enterprise was sacrificed in Star Trek III it was almost as poignant as the death of a crewmate.

My favorite Enterprise moments are:

  • This Side of Paradise. When the entire crew deserts, Kirk is left alone on the Enterprise. The camera pans by all the empty computer stations, reminding Kirk – and us – what a powerful ship the Enterprise, with its crew, is.
  • Journey to Babel. The Enterprise is pushed to the brink, inside and out. Full of feuding ambassadors and an assassin on the inside, then attacked by a suicide ship from outside, Kirk makes the Enterprise appear disabled to lure in and defeat the attackers.

Enterprise Links (I wrote my thoughts above before looking these up, but, unsurprisingly, others have made some of the same observations):

U.S.S. Enterprise Collectibles

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    2012 ThinkGeek Plush USS Enterprise