Dr. Leonard H. McCoy

Zach Trek original art!

Thoughts on McCoy:

Dr. McCoy is one of my favorite Star Trek characters. I think it’s partly because he almost never hides his feelings – McCoy would pretty much always blurt out what was on his mind. In my opinion, being emotional, blunt, and outspoken made him equally as essential an element of Kirk’s command team as Spock, acting as a foil to Spock’s, reserved, sometimes cold logic, allowing Kirk to moderate between the two. Although he could get animated and use strong rhetoric, McCoy rarely actually lost his cool, and usually lived up to his self-description of “just an old country doctor”. This was modesty, however, as he was really a brilliant doctor – overall, just the sort of man you’d want for your physician.

Of the many to choose from, some of my favorite McCoy moments are:

  • This Side of Paradise. McCoy, under the influence of drug-like alien spores, gets even more laid back. He makes a comment in this episode that indicates he may be from Georgia, as I am (and as DeForest Kelley really was).
  • The Devil In the Dark. McCoy balks at trying to operate on a totally unfamiliar silicon-based organism, but then successfully does it, leading to two of his most classic lines: “I’m a doctor, not a bricklayer!” and, “By golly, Jim, I’m beginning to think I can cure a rainy day!”

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