2012 ThinkGeek Plush USS Enterprise

Today we introduce the first U.S.S. Enterprise collectible:

This plush Enterprise is one of a number of really creative Star Trek collectibles produced by ThinkGeek. This item is a personal favorite, because I played with stuffed animals when I was a kid (it wasn’t unusual to see a variety of bears, rabbits, and dinosaurs placed around the living room at their “bridge stations”, representing the crew of the Enterprise). If I’d had one of these as a kid, it definitely would have gone on many adventures.

I’m not normally a fan of electronics in stuffed animals, but on this Enterprise you could squeeze the secondary hull and it would play sound effects of firing torpedoes and lights inside the front of the warp nacelles would flash red. The only problem is, there is no way to open it up to replace the batteries, so mine doesn’t do that anymore.

Let’s take a closer look:

I like the fins and “spoilers” on the back of the nacelles.
The saucer has something stiff inside it to help maintain its shape.
They probably could have gotten away without those grey stripes toward the front of the nacelles, but they look much better with them, so I’m glad they put them on there.
You would squeeze both sides of the secondary hull for the lights and sound effects.
The bottom, all stitched up. It looks great, but I do wish they’d put a zipper of Velcro flap here so you could replace the batteries.
Whoever wrote the description on that tag did an excellent job. They worded it carefully, and clearly had a lot of fun with it.
The sewn-on tag warns us not to just take this through the local starship-wash.

I feel like this is just the right mix of detailed and accurate versus “it’s a toy”. They included a lot of nice details, but didn’t try to make everything fixed and symmetrical. It’s clear that the designers put some care and effort into this and had fun with it. After some of the recent action figures I’ve posted that had a lot of cut corners and sloppiness, that’s kind of refreshing.

This item is less than ten years old, so it wasn’t that long ago that ThinkGeek was in its heyday. I was a bit surprised to find that ThinkGeek was acquired by Gamestop in 2015 and there is no longer a ThinkGeek website. Starting in 2015 some physical ThinkGeek stores were opened, of which there are still some scattered across the U.S.

If you want to see the lights and sound effects, here is a video from ThinkGeek, showing both, plus some Earthlings’ reactions:

Next Week on Zach Trek: Next Tuesday, read about a collectible you can read. In the meantime, look for a category page for the Enterprise.

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