2009 Star Trek The Exhibition Mouse Pad

July 4 is Independence Day in the United States, so in celebration of my country’s birthday, here’s a Star Trek collectible featuring one of America’s founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin:

This is a mouse pad from Star Trek – The Exhibition’s stay at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia in 2009. This exhibition was one of two traveling Star Trek museum installations that roamed country and made a few international stops from 2008 to 2014 (or 2018 – there’s some conflicting information on this).

There’s not a ton to look at here, but let’s take a closer look anyway:

It’s actually a really nice mouse pad. It’s thicker than a cheapo mouse pad, and larger, measuring 9 1/4” wide by about 8” tall.
On the back this mouse pad looks just like a mouse pad.
This seems to be the signature of Tom Stiglich.

The Franklin Institute is a science museum/center in Philadelphia, named after Benjamin Franklin, a scientist, inventor, ambassador, signer of America’s Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and many, many other things.

  • For slightly conflicting histories, read about Star Trek The Exhibition on memory-alpha, then on Wikipedia. Memory-Alpha says it ended in 2014. Wikipedia lists locations after 2014, but also seems to have some incorrect locations (presumably of a different Star Trek exhibit) from the 1990s, well before The Exhibit opened in 2008.
  • Tom Stiglich is a Philadelphia native who does conservative political cartoons, plus a couple of non-political comic strips. You can visit his web site here.
  • Benjamin Franklin was a fascinating individual. Read all about him on History.com.
  • You can also read Franklin’s fascinating autobiography, just be warned that he never finished it, so it ends abruptly long before you want it to:

Next week on Zach Trek: On Tuesday, we’ll go back to fictitious characters with a crewmember of the Enterprise.