1998 Star Trek Champions Khan Pewter Figure

Welcome to the very first collectible to be featured on Zach Trek II! Instead of going for the more obvious choice of a crewmember from the Enterprise, I decided to open Zach Trek II’s collectibles with the titular villain from Star Trek II.

This figure has some pretty good detail on it, considering that the pewter figure itself is only a few inches tall. It’s well packaged for displaying in the box.

This was part of a series of pewter figures produced by Racing Champions, Inc. in 1998, under the Trademark “STAR TREK Champions”. It was one of five Star Trek figures produced.

Let’s take a closer look:

One side of the box details all the great qualities of this collectible.
The other side tells…the story of pewter. Which, it turns out, is kind of interesting.
On the back we have the certificate of authenticity, hand numbered by someone with not-so-great handwriting (or course, they were probably sick of writing numbers on slips of paper). Below that, interesting facts about Star Trek and this item, including the guarantee that, “After casting, the master mold is destroyed to preserve the uniqueness of this superior pewter sculpture.” Maybe that’s common practice, but it makes the collectible sound more valuable. Also, I wonder if their choice of the word “superior” was a nod to Khan’s “superior intellect.”
I really like the window in the top, to allow light in for displaying this item in-package.
Nothing too interesting on the bottom, but there is one detail on here that I’m going to mention toward the end of this post.

After taking the above photographs, I had to make the choice: Do I open this item up for closer-up photos, or keep it mint in package?

The sticker looks like it may have been opened before. Or, maybe it just came loose part way…
Inside, it’s still taped. Rats. Never-been-opened…
…but I don’t care! I’ve got to get it out!
However, the figure is zip-tied to the packaging. Since I do plan to put it back in the box afterward, I’ll stop short of cutting it out.
A close up look at the pretty fine detail on this figure.
I was particularly impressed by the details on Khan’s glove. It seems like that would have been an easy place to cut corners, but they didn’t
At first I thought Khan was smiling too much, but, examining the exact moment when he said the line featured on the base of the figure, he was indeed relishing it (although his hand is turned the other way at that specific moment, he gestures with his hand outward a couple of times throughout his and Kirk’s exchange in the scene).

Racing Champions, as the name implies, was better known for making car models. In the years after they produced this figure, the company went on to acquire many other companies and subsidiaries, including several well-known producers of Star Trek collectible such as AMT/Ertl, Polar Lights, and Johnny Lightning. In 2004 they reorganized and changed their name to RC2 Corporation, and in 2011 they were acquired by Tomy. Nowadays, most of the above mentioned brands are either licensed to or have been acquired by Round 2 Corp and are still in production.

This company history brings me back to the bottom of the box. It directs fans to “visit our website at http://www.collectchamp.com”. Since 1998, through name changes and acquisitions, it’s not surprising that the website is no longer active, but I just had to check, and guess what? That domain name is available! Wouldn’t it be the pinnacle of collecting Star Trek to own a domain from a collectible? Of course, I’d have to pay for it every year, probably almost nobody would ever visit it, and those who did would most likely be looking for auto collectibles, not Star Trek collectibles. So, I will stick with the logical decision and save my money for physical Star Trek items. If anyone out there decides to buy this domain and do something interesting with it, let me know!

Next on Zach Trek: On Thursday, we’ll take a look at a Star Trek website that could have derailed original Zach Trek.

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