1994 Playmates 4.5″ Chekov Action Figure

Today, we finally welcome the last of the main bridge crew of the Enterprise with this Chekov action figure:

This figure was part of a line of figures Playmates produced for Generations, and one of only a handful of Playmates figures in the iconic maroon Starfleet uniforms.

Let’s take a closer look:

The back.
Here we have details on the accessories, and some brief biographic information on Chekov. The bio looks more like a movie marquee than a computer readout, but other than that, it’s not too bad.
This is a decent likeness of Chekov.
Nice details on the insignia and belt buckle.
Now we run into some issues. The arms and legs are not jointed! This does make them look nice, but doesn’t make them very usable if a kid wanted to play with them. Also, there’s one small detail missing, which I wouldn’t have noticed except that the Ertl Scotty figure I recently posted did include it: There’s no red stripe on the side of the pants. I mentioned in the Scotty post that I could imagine them leaving that detail off and hoping nobody would notice, and that’s exactly what Playmates did.
The accessories are nice, with decent detail…but, wait a minute! These are from the TV series! Playmates decided to cut another corner here by just packaging up some already existing accessories that don’t belong with this figure.
They were running a design an alien contest! More on this below.

Overall, this is a typical Playmates Star Trek figure: A decent likeness of the character, some good details, some corners cut, and some sloppiness. For a kid just playing with an action figure, the problems might not have been an issue (except maybe for the lack of joints), but as a collector they do bother me.

As for that contest, it was won by a man named John Paul Lona, who not only won the contest, but got to portray his character on screen! You can see his sketch and pictures of him from the episode he was in here (this page is in German, but Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge will easily translate it for you).

Next Week on Zach Trek: Next Tuesday we’ll feature a collectible that’s almost a character. In the meantime, be on the lookout for Chekov’s category page.

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