1974 Mego 8″ Spock Action Figure

I was trying not to make all the opening characters and collectibles on Zach Trek II obvious choices, but a Star Trek site without Spock is not much of a Star Trek site. This also seems as good a time as any to feature the first Mego figure, which is the first item to be “re-featured”, that is, this one was also on original Zach Trek.

This action figure was first made by Mego in 1974, and went through a few variations throughout the late 70s. These action figures were the first Star Trek action figures ever produced, which only comprised six figures. Being from 1974, it’s also one of the earliest Star Trek collectibles in general.

Let’s take a closer look:

Back view. I’m pretty sure that uniform is not quite Starfleet regulation.
On the figure’s back Mego has their copyright information, and on the back of the neck Paramount has theirs. I find it somewhat interesting that both are dated.
In my opinion, most of the figures from this line had pretty decent likenesses of the characters. Spock’s face looks like it could use a wash, but when I tried wiping some of these marks off, they refused to come off easily. Rather than risk damaging the figure with stronger cleaners or more aggressive scrubbing, I decided to let the spots remain.
The foil on the front of Mr. Spock’s patch is peeling. This is very common for these figures, and it’s not unusual at all to see these patches with the foil completely gone, and just the grey backing remaining. If you don’t know the foil is supposed to be there, it actually still looks okay without it.
I’m always kind of impressed when I find older toys like this with good attention to detail. Even the folded communicator, instead of just being a little square, has the right shape.
The phaser in particular is pretty accurate and detailed.
The tricorder is hollow on the back, but with all the other great details, and considering that this was meant to be a toy, not a “collectible”, I think that’s permissible.

Mego went on to produce action figures and some other Star Trek toys for the first Star Trek movie, but went bankrupt and shut down in the early 1980s. In 2008 Diamond Select Toys issued a series of “retro” action figures almost exactly identical to the original Mego figures, even in packaging (except for the Mego logo and branding). They also added a lot more characters than the original six Mego figures.

In 2018, under Martin Abrams, son of Mego’s original founders David and Madeline Abrams, Mego returned, producing action figures reminiscent of the 1970s originals for Star Trek and many, many other classic TV shows, comics, and movies. The Star Trek figures I’ve seen are not nearly so identical to the originals as the Diamond Select reproductions were.

  • To see details on every variation of this figure and all of its accessories (plus a really cool knockoff), visit the Mr. Spock page on megomuseum.com. You’ll also find information on all of the vintage Mego figures there, Star Trek and others.
  • In case you’re wondering, it’s pronounced “MEE-GOH”. I was uncertain about that for a long time before I found out for sure.

Next on Zach Trek: On Thursday (tomorrow, because this post for some reason did not publish on Tuesday as I had scheduled it), check back for the first Zach Trek II video post (a video I’m featuring, not one I made).

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